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Circa Resort & Casino

Circa Resort & Casino Deploys State of the Art Infrastructure Using Digital Electricity

Circa Resort and Casino is the first ground-up casino to be built in downtown Las Vegas in 40 years. The visionary owners, brothers, Derek and Greg Stevens, were adamant that the all-new building would implement state-of-the-art technologies while paying homage to Las Vegas history. The new landmark building boasts a 3-story, Ultra high-definition display in the largest sports book in the world with a 78-million-pixel screen. It also has the country’s largest pool experience for sports fans, with a massive 135-foot-wide screen, while the original Vegas Vickie neon kicking cowgirl greets you in the lobby.

Spanning 1.25 million square feet, with 777 rooms and suites, the Circa Resort and Casino is a landmark capitalizing on cutting-edge technology including advanced building automation, digital in-room controls, LED lighting, and electrical power distribution, utilizing Digital Electricity™ from VoltServer, to power critical electrical infrastructure.


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