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The Industry-Leading Platform for
Fault Managed Power Systems (FMPS)

Move power for over a mile on low-voltage cable.

North American Technologies is the leading source in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia for VoltServer's Digital Electricity™ FMPS.

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Wireless Densification

Although more people are demanding a high capacity 5G connection, 5G mmWave only covers short distances from the radio. Packetized power is an economical, efficient, and and safe platform for powering remote radios or access points used for high-speed wireless connectivity.

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Facility Infrastructure
& Network Upgrades

Save on cabling and installation for applications that require power and data outside traditional Power over Ethernet boundaries. Moves, adds, and changes can be completed by low-voltage professionals or even in-house staff

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Indoor Agriculture

Protect your employees, agtech equipment, crop and entire facility from the conventional hazards of electricity. Based on a revolutionary Packet Energy Transfer protocol, power is distributed every few milliseconds via discrete energy packets that couple 500 safety checks per second.

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Intelligent Buildings

Provide a centralized, policy-controlled backup and power management platform for mission critical applications that enables net zero buildings.


  • Moves Significant Power
  • Over Significant Distance
  • Using Low Voltage Cable
  • Ensuring Utmost Safety 
  • Achieving Faster Installs, Efficient Maintenance & Remote Management
Gain the safety and flexibility of
low-voltage cabling with the power and distance capabilities of AC.

How does it work?


The Voltserver platform converts energy into packetized units that combine both power and safety data. The result is a steady stream of hundreds of packets per second that is continuously monitored for faults, such as improper wiring, a short circuit, or an obstruction. The transmitter recognizes the condition in milliseconds and halts the transmission of packets. 

The platform supports both AC and DC loads, first levelling the power to a DC stream during the packetized transmission, and then at the receiving end, transforming the energy to the requirements of the output destination. 


The value of this innovative platform is the ability to safely transmit high loads of power through low-voltage cabling. Now, a central UPS can protect an entire building; installs and additions can be done in-house; and centralized management allows for remote control over a host of modern electronic devices connected to the distribution system.

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Digital Electricity has been installed in hundreds of venues:


  • PPG Paints Arena

  • Mercedes Benz

  • Hard Rock Stadium


  • Clemson

  • Michigan State

  • University of Florida


  • LA Convention Center

  • Amtrak HQ,  DC

  • Sony HQ, NYC


  • Greenseal Cannabis

  • HardeeFresh

  • Northern Fire Cannabis


  • Navy Pier, Chicago

  • 9/11 Memorial, NYC

  • Circa Resort & Casino 

Safety. Resliency. Speed to Install

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